Donguri Republic 3周年紀念活動!「吉卜力動畫親親爸爸」父親節繪畫比賽詳情!

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頒獎典禮將於6月19日下午在海港城「Donguri Republic 3周年:經典動畫歌曲父親節獻禮」中舉行。屆時,主唱《龍貓》、《天空之城》等主題曲及《魔女宅急便》插曲的著名人氣動漫歌手井上杏美小姐,將會特地由日本遠道而來頒獎,並為現場觀眾獻唱多首來自經典動畫的悅耳歌曲。



  • 參賽者年齡必須為12歲以下

  • 參賽作品必須於51日至30日期間,親身交往Donguri Republic尖沙咀LCX店 或銅鑼灣時代廣場店

  • 參賽作品背面必須註明:參加者姓名、年齡、性別、監護人姓名、電郵及聯絡電話

  • 所有已遞交之作品將不獲發還,活動主辦單位保留以有關作品作宣傳之用的權利

  • 如有任何爭議,Donguri Republic保留最終決定權


How to join:

  • Children aged 12 years old or below are eligible to join the contest.

  • All entries must be submitted to Donguri Republic LCX store or Times Square Store in person from 1 to 30 May.

  • Personal particulars, including the participant’s name, age and gender, the guardian’s name, email and contact number, must be stated on the back of the entry.

  • The submissions will not be returned. The organizer reserves the right to use the submissions for marketing purpose.

  • In case of dispute, Donguri Republic reserves the right of final decision.




  • 繪畫素材必須具備父親節的元素及任何一部吉卜力動畫*中的角色

  • 選用角色可多於一個,但必須來自同一部動畫

  • 參賽作品必須繪畫於A3紙上

  • 必須為正本,影印本恕不接受

  • 可使用任何顏料,黑白及彩色均可

  • 必須由參加者親筆繪畫

  • 所遞交之作品,不能有任何褶痕或卷曲,否則將被取消資格



  • The drawing must feature some Father’s Day elements and characters from any Ghibli animations*.

  • The participants may choose more than one character from the same animation.

  • A3 paper must be used.

  • The drawing must be the original copy, and no photocopy will be accepted.

  • Both monochromatic and colored works are acceptable.

  • The drawing must be completed by the participant.

  • The drawing should not be folded or rolled, otherwise it will be disqualified.

*吉卜力工作室動畫包括 Animations of Studio Ghibli included

風之谷 Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind

天空之城 Laputa: Castle in the Sky

龍貓 My Neighbor Totoro

再見螢火蟲 Grave of the Fireflies

魔女宅急便Kiki’s Delivery Service

歲月的童話 Only Yesterday

飛天紅豬俠 Porco Rosso

百變狸貓 Pom Poko

夢幻街少女Whisper of the Heart

幽靈公主 Princess Mononoke

隔壁的山田君My Neighbors the Yamadas

千與千尋 Spirited Away

貓之報恩 The Cat Returns

哈爾移動城堡 Howl’s Moving Castle

地海傳說 Tales from Earthsea

崖上的波兒 Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea

借東西的小矮人亞莉亞蒂The Secret World of Arrietty

紅花坂上的海 From Up On Poppy Hill

風起了 The Wind Rises

輝耀姬物語The Tale of The Princess Kaguya

回憶中的瑪妮 When Marnie Was There

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